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At THE SYNCHRONICITY WELL LIFE CENTER, we are about holistic wellness. We are dedicated to empowering our clients by providing holisitic health information and natural welllness services that will integrate the heart, mind and spirit in order to achieve optimal well being.
The BENEFITS offered by our life centered wellness approaches include:
-Stress reduction & management
-Balanced mind & body
-Decreased anger & frustration
-Increased feelings of well being, confidence & balance
-Increased ability to deal with stress
-Helps eliminate anxiety
-Immunity booster
-Increased energy
-Can help to address physical & emotional challenges so they do not become larger issues
-Helps to removes negative issues and behaviors
-Establishment of the mind-body connection
-Better, more fulfilling relationships
-Assists in identifying your life goals & how to achieve them
At THE SYNCHRONICITY WELL LIFE CENTER, we work with you to create an individualized plan to help you manage and reduce the stress and pain in your life.  We recognize that nothing happens in a vacuum and that in order to achieve true wellness, one must be balanced, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Utilizing  the techniques of chiropractic, energy balancing, reflexology, aromatherapy, guided meditation, and offering seminars on stress management, Qi Gong, better communication skills, essential oils, and other life-centered services, THE SYNCHRONICITY WELL LIFE CENTER helps you achieve balance.  And a balanced life is a stress free life.
THE SYNCHRONICITY WELL LIFE CENTER is focused on providing holistic, integrative, & natural methods and tools that will allow one to reconcile the heart, mind and body in order to achieve optimal well being.  The goal is to concentrate on bringing all aspects of one's life together to form a coherent, fully functioning self.  At THE SYNCHRONICITY WELL LIFE CENTER, we concentrate on stress management and reduction, and addressing holistic wellness issues, thereby opening the path for our clients to achieve the most positive, inclusive approach to well being. THE SYNCHRONICITY WELL LIFE CENTER recognizes that a person's well being is not simply a matter of concentrating on physical health, but rather, approaches well being from the perspective of viewing the whole person- mind, heart and body.
THE SYNCHRONICITY WELL LIFE CENTER offers a variety of different holistic services such as stress management techniques, spiritual health coaching, Reiki, guided meditation, aromatherapy, Bach flowers, essential oils, herbal approaches, and Qi Gong in to order to address one's whole self to achieve complete, integrative, holistic well being.
That which occurs on a physical level also affects our state of mind and emotions, just as our emotional and spiritual states affect our physical health. Therefore, in order to achieve total wellness, we address the union of the energy we use to make the heart, mind and body work in sync. 
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