Heart, Mind & Body- In Sync - Company Message
What People Are Saying About Us:
"Reiki rocks!"
        -Bryan M., Taylors, SC
"I am a 73 year old woman who feels 40- all due to SYNCHRONICTY!"
        -Audrey V., Taylors, SC
"Finding Wendy has helped me to find myself again!"
        -Melody G., Greer, SC
"Reiki is my heart!"
        -Gayla L., Lyman, SC
"Wendy is amazing and has helped me tremendously with stress management. Wendy is kind and compassionate, and takes the time to really listen so that she can offer the best recommendations. Wendy offers practical recommendations that are easy to implement on a day-to-day basis, all the while keeping the long term goals in mind."
        -Denise S., Morristown, NJ
I want to thank you Wendy. I went from being so scatter brained and stressed to taking time for meditation and loving every minute of it! When you shared the thought of meditation with me I didn't think it was for me but I have since gone to meditation services and have found something I love to do JUST FOR ME! It's how I start my day and I have you to thank for that! You're a fabulous friend and a wonderful wealth of knowledge. I appreciate you and your gentle, positive nature - and for checking in to make sure I'm doing what works for me! You're the BEST!
         -Juliet F., Jersey City, NJ
"Keeping my Heart Mind & Body in Synch is exactly what Wendy is teaching me and continues to teach me each and everytime I see her. I love her kind, positive ways of showing me how to keep balanced and heathly. She is the most compassionate person that listens to you and actually hears what you say unlike so many people these days. In such a comfortable atmosphere you never feel rushed and know I can kick off my shoes and just relax. She is not only a listener but helps makes sense of what your feeling or thinking. Each time I leave my session with Wendy I can't wait till the next one. She has offered me the best advice and recommendations along the way keeping the long term goals in mind. The Holistic Approach is making me the person I want to be and with Wendy's guidance I know I will succeed!!"
         - Karen Y., Greenville, SC     
I was fortunate enough to have a friend recommend I see Wendy in order to add to my wellness journey.  Throughout my life I have pursued the health and wellness field not only as a lifestyle, but also as a career as a Chiropractor.  After hearing Wendy describe how she helps people balance their lives through Reiki, and various other forms of holistic care, I knew that I had to give this a shot, especially because it was completely new to me. I have been working with Wendy, and I could not be any happier with my decision to pursue this type of care. While following Wendy's suggestions and being open to her unique approach to achieving my wellness goals, I was able to complement what I was already doing for myself and take it to the next level in not only my personal life, but my professional career as well. This care has greatly reduced my stress levels and has allowed me to perform at my best capabilities on a daily basis. I can not thank you enough, Wendy.
Health and Happiness,
            -Robbie D., Spartanburg, SC
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