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Make Friends!
Our New Year's Wish for You!
Fade Age Spots on Hands With Lemons!
Make Time for Friends!


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Make Friends!

There are many benefits to having friends, including developing deeper empathy and keeping you mentality and physically sharp. But there is another little known benefit- having out with friends raisises your endorphins- which can help ward off pain!


Today- think of one thing in your life that you makes you smile, gives you joy, or about which you are passionate.  Then be grateful- practiec gratitudetoday and every day

Our New Year's Wish for You!

Speak kindly. Say I love you. Laugh. A lot. Be thankful. Be gracious. Go out in the sun at least once a day, look up and breathe deeply. Do not live in the past or worry about the future. Understand you are not promised tomorrow and live today. 

Fade Age Spots on Hands With Lemons!

Want younger looking hands? Every night, dip a few cottonballs into the juice of FRESHLY squeezed lemons (not the bottled kind) and rub onto any discolored spots on your hands. The acid in the lemon juice will help fade the  spots away without causing irritation to the skin. Do this at night only as exposing the lemon juice treated skin can cause sun damage.

Make Time for Friends!

A recent study has shown that having close friends around you helps prevent strokes. Loners tend to have a risk of stroke that is three times higher than those of us that surround ourselves with a strong support network.  So make time for your friends-they are essential to your well being in more ways than one!

Let's Hear It For the Sprout!

Let's hear it for Brussels sprouts!  Studies show that the very same stinky smell that can make them a bit challenging to eat also kills pre-cancerous cells- so incorporate Brussels sprouts into your life!  They work hard for you!

Kindess Boost Self-Esteem

We feel better when we are kind toothers for absolutely no reason other than just being kind. MRI scans prove that when we do kind things for people- especially strangers- the regions of our brains that are linked to happiness light up like  Times Square on New Year’s Eve!  So increase your feelings of optimism and self-worth- do one kind thing for someone today!

Boost Your Optimism!

Want to feel more optimistic?  Surround yourself with inspiration- write out the quotes and sayings that inspire you and paste them on your computer or on your bathroom mirror- somewhere that you will see these words every day.  Studies show that reading an inspirational saying every day increases your feelings of  optimism and security- and can even make you feel more energetic!

Drink Ginseng Tea to Boost Your Immunity!

As we enter Fall and everyone is going back to school, immunity becomes a concern. Drink 8 ounces of ginseng tea a day and you will boost your immnity level. In fact, studies show that drinking 8 ounces of ginseng tea a day can cut your risk of getting sick by as much as 40%!

Let's Hear It For Seafood and Fish!

Another great way to help slow the aging process is to eat seafood and fish. Shrimp, tuna, and salmon contain selenium, a mineral that helps slow the aging process. Selenium also escorts toxins out of the body and helps cut your risk of cancer. So let's hear it for shrimp, tuna and salmon!
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